Search Tips

This website is an index of news articles from the Gainesville Sun, 1986-2007. Cited articles are available on microfilm at the Headquarters library. Librarians can assist with finding and printing articles. Call (352) 334-3939 or email Adult Services for info.
Seeking obituaries or news articles from before 1986? A card-catalog index of articles from the late 1800s through 1985 is also at the Headquarters library.
Seeking recent articles? Full-text searchable articles since March 1995 are available in our Gainesville Sun database. (Library card number required for access outside the library.)

This index is divided into three areas:

  • Obituary: Includes name of deceased, date of obituary publication, and a locator that shows the page number and column where the article appeared.
  • Celebration: These locate notices of births, marriages, major wedding anniversaries (50 years plus), and centenarian birthdays (100 years plus).
  • News: Includes samplings of important news articles, reviews, editorials and supplemental newspaper sections. Note that this is not a comprehensive index of everything published.

Other Tips

  • • The citations were written in an abbreviated style to save space. This effort began on index cards.
  • • Many records have city names. If no city name is present, Gainesville is the assumed location.
  • • The word (picture) in parenthesis means a photograph or other image accompanied the article.
  • • "Locator" refers to the page, section, and column. e.g. 5b:3 means "Section B, page 5, column 3."
  • • If you have questions, please Ask Us or email Adult Services.